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032 02 Závažná Poruba
Slovak Republic
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Bonfiglioli Synchronous Reluctance motor (BSR)

Bonfiglioli Synchronous Reluctance motor (BSR)Is an innovative solution to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of machines and processes. Synchronous Reluctance motors (SynRM) motors ta ...

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Simple conveyors

Simple conveyors OPIS Engineering, Ltd. offers a simple conveyors for your application. From design throught offer to the realization ...

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New products BONFIGLIOLI

New products  BONFIGLIOLIOPIS Engineering offers new products from the world-famous BONFIGLIOLI brand ...

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Conveyor components

Conveyor componentsRepresents a new category of products from high-quality Italian brands, named Movex. MOVEX company specializes in the development of structural compon ...

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Clutches for heavy duty applications

Clutches for heavy duty applicationsOPIS Engineering offers you couplings for the steel industry and heavy duty applications. ...

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New products

New productsOPIS Engineering Company, expanded our portfolio with new products from the distribution of gears, vibration motors and also saw/spindle motors and l ...

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