The Classical Timing Belt Drives
Timing belt take their place in industrially for his efficiency in mechanical power transmission.
HTD Metric Pulleys and Belts (CROSS+MORSE)
Demands for ever increasing powers and speeds led to the introduction of a Metric Series of High Torque Drive Belts
Polyurethane Timing Belts (CROSS+MORSE)
These belts use steel tension cord encased in a polyurethane jacket with integral teeth.
Clamping Plates and Timing Bars - Special Belts (CROSS+MORSE)
For the simple retention of open ended timing belts used on conveying or reciprocating drives.
V-Belt Pulleys and Taper Bushes(CROSS+MORSE)
Cross + Morse Crown V-Belt Pulleys are all manufactured in fine grain Cast-iron of grade 220-260 using the latest Foundry processes, combined with CNC lathes for finishing.
Industrial Ratchet Freewheels and Adaptors
M Series Clutch Couplings
Shaft Mounted Sprag Clutch Assemblies For Backstop Applications
Types AA,AE,ANF and ANR - Roller Ramp Clutches
Roller Chain Couplings
Low to medium speeds. 2,000 rpm without cover. (5,000 rpm with cover.) High torque capacity. Moderate alignment capabilities. Spun Aluminium covers available.
Gold Mounted Ball Bearings
Chains and turnbuckles
Gear Products from Cross & Morse
Cross & Morse offer a comprehensive range of standard stock gears which, coupled with the capability to supply on short lead times custom designed gears.