OPIS Engineering, Ltd. offers a simple conveyors for your application. From design throught offer to the realization



OPIS Engineering Company, expanded our portfolio with new products from the distribution of gears, vibration motors and also saw/spindle motors and linear actuators.

The complete products offer you can found in our section: PRODUCTS


OPIS Engineering represents a new category of products from high-quality Italian brands, named Movex. MOVEX company specializes in the development of structural components for building conveyors. For more information visit our category "conveyor components".


OPIS Engineering offers a new products from manufacturers of international brands such as Panasonic, ORIENTALMOTOR, VISAM, Nidec and others. Full range of products can be found on our website, www.opis.sk in section: Prducts


OPIS Engineering company offers a wide range of electric motors, gearboxes, locking devices, inverters and many other products for strictly fulfill your requirements.
Benefits of company:

- Design and solutions for your applications
- Communication with customers
- Quick handling of demands
- Low prices
- High quality


From 1.1 2014, the OPIS Engineering company expanded its range of products for PANASONIC AC motors, servo systems. For more information about Panasonic products, please visit this section in the left menu of this site.