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Synchronous reluctance motor BSR
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Astro 3205
The 3205 is the most compact motor of the 32XX line but still packs all the technology and high quality components of the larger 32XX motors. It is capable of 1KW of power and weighs approximately 1.4 lbs.
Astro 3210
The 3210 is the second smallest motor in the 32XX line. It is capable of 2KW and weighs approximately 2.35 lbs.
Astro 3215
The 3215 is the second largest motor of the 32XX series. It is capable of 3KW and weighs approximately 3.1 lbs.
Astro 3220
Capable of 4KW, the 3220 is the largest motor in the 32XX line. The 3220 also comes with the option of a 1/2" diameter shaft and large diameter bearings for increased durability. The 3220 weighs approximately 4 lbs.
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