Stainless steel Line start PM synchronous motors SLP4SS DOL

Todays industry is very aware about reducing energy use and lowering the carbon footprint. Engineers are always searching for new methods to improve the efficiency of their products. Recently Dertec has developed and introduced a new line of Hygienic Stainless Steel Synchrounous motors. This new line of motors will be made according to energy efficiency classIE4 / IE5 and offer the lowest possible energy use for Stainless Steel AC motors. The final design will be according to our Signature line and will carry the typical Dertec hygienic design features.

  • Line start, no need of an inverter (cost reduction)
  • Optional encoder, speed and position control
  • IE4 / IE5 Efficency
  • IP69K
  • High Cos Phi, also at partial load
  • High efficiency, also at partial load
  • Low Delta K
  • Frame sizes IEC 71, 80 , 90
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Motorpower initially from 0,25 to 1,5 Kw ( 4P)


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