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Cross & Morse Timing Belt Drives take their place in industry as a highly efficient, job proven medium for mechanical power transmission. Because these drives combine many important exclusive characteristics, they present an entirely different concept in the transmission of power.
They are highly versatile in application and speed range.
Timing belt drives are positive and offer accurate synchronisation of speed, and often make possible worthwhile economies in the design of a machine, because they require less space, reduce bearing specification, eliminate tension devices, yet assure an unusually high degree of efficiency. Virtually every industry has tested and approved timing belt drives. They have been adopted as standard equipment by a wide variety of machine builders and equipment manufacturers. Millions of successful drives in operation without belt replacement for more than five years bear testimony to these drives. Cross & Morse offer three types of timing belt drive to cover the full spectrum of industrial requirements, Classical, Metric and Poyurethane.

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The Classical Timing Belt Drives 
These are the original tooth belt drives, introduced for the transmission of low torque instrumentation drives more than forty years ago, and since developed and adopted for millions of drive applications. Eight different pitch configurations were produced, but later belt designs have eliminated the demand for all but three sizes. Cross & Morse offer complete drives to 1/5″ (XL), 3/8″ (L), and 1/2″ (H) pitch sizes with both pilot bored and taper bored pulleys. Drives to other configurations can be supplied to order.
The Classical Timing Belt is the ideal low cost drive for powers up to 25 KW with a wide range of both belts and pulleys available from stock. Double sided belts and open ended belts can also be supplied.

The Classical Timing Belt Pulleys 
Classical Timing Belt Pulleys have evenly spaced grooves cut in their periphery, to make correct, positive engagement with the mating teeth of the belt. Cross & Morse pulleys are manufactured with involute groove form to enable the teeth to enter and leave the pulley with negligible friction and minimum backlash.Pulleys are available in a number of stock widths and large selection of numbers of teeth to provide maximum versatility in drive selection. Pulleys for 3/8” pitch ‘L’, and 1/2” pitch ‘H’, drives are available with pilot bore for reworking to customers requirements or with taper bush for the complete off the shelf drive.

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New Range of Stainless Steel Taper Bushes available 

Cross and Morse have unveiled a new comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushes in Stainless Steel 304 material. The range consists of 1008, 1108, 1210, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517 and 3020 sizes and they are available in any shaft diameter, both metric and imperial.
Contact us today for technical assistance and pricing and download our catalogue below.

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