Extruder gearboxes SERIES HDPE

The HDPE series is specially developed for a single-screw extruder, which is made from the well-known heavy-duty HDP series, with which it shares most of the components and gears. The casing is composed of a solid alloy, which forms a robust support for the extruder. HDPE units are equipped with heavy-duty articulated bearings of the 294 … E series, exclusively supplied by leading manufacturers.

Transferable torque
4650 MN2 75000 Nm

7.1 iN 125.0 with progression = 1.12


solid shaft, direct motor connection, flexible coupling

Output shaft
Axial bearing of different sizes and capacities, hollow shafts of different shapes and sizes
Standard is a shaft with a groove for a UNI 6604 pen
At the request of the customer, it is possible to adapt the dimensions of the attachment

Additional options
Cooling coil, separate cooling units, temperature and oil level sensors



Type Torque
HDPE 60 4 650
HDPE 70 6 350
HDPE 80 11 500
HDPE 90 16 550
HDPE 100 24 000
HDPE 110 28 700
HDPE 120 35 300
HDPE 130 59 300
HDPE 140 75 000


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