Series C

High torque, versatility of use, extremely wide range of choices, good compactness and price all make the C series an incomparable range of front gearboxes.

Gearbox torques
45 Nm… 12,000 Nm

Power for input speed (n1= 1400 min-1)
0.08 kW … 213 kW

2.6 … 1481

Output configuration
Foot and flange design
Output shaft in metric or inch measurements

Input configuration
Adapter for IEC or NEMA motors
Input shaft in metric or inch measurements

Connection to AC electric motors
Integrated motor to gearbox series – M
IIEC- standardized motors and motors with brake – BN series
One or two speed motors

Main parameters for brakes
DC or AC voltage
Quick brake engages/releases with electronic control AC/DC rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (option)

Additional engine modifications
Thermistors, thermostats, sensors, voltage, external cooling, integrated frequency converter or Push-Pull incremental sensor


Type Torque
C 05 45
C 11 100
C 21 200
C 31 300
C 35 450
C 41 600
C 51 1000
C 61 1600
C 70 2300
C 80 4000
C 90 7200
C 100 12000

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