Series TQK

TQK is particularly suitable for highly demanding servo system requirements such as fast dynamic response, changing speeds, precise position and movement control, high number of starts/stops and high level of compactness.
The technical design of this gearbox also enables high axial and radial loads on the output shaft and very quiet operation.
The main sectors in which the new TQK serves are: industrial automation systems, robotics, machine tools, packaging machines and many other applications requiring high-performance servo drives.

060, 070, 090, 130, 160

Gear ratios
1 degree 3 … 10
2 degrees 16 … 100

Maximum radial force
1,850… 15,000 N

Degree of protection

Input speed
Up to 6000 min-1

Torque range
30 … 800 Nm

Standard clearance
2-degree < than 4 arcmin
3-degree < than 6 arcmin

Torsional stiffness
4.3 … 167 Nm/arcmin

Standard; intended for the food industry

Smooth, grooveless shaft; splined shaft

Motor adapter; without motor adapter

Specification Series TQK
Type Torque Nm/min
TQK 060 30
TQK 070 70
TQK 090 200
TQK 130 400
TQK 160 800


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