Electric Linear Actuator INDACT, ECO series

Electric Linear Actuator featuring orthogonal-mounted motor, by the means of worm-screw/worm-wheel gear, for industrial application.

Specification Electric Linear Actuator INDACT

  • 6 different sizes (ECO1, ECO2, ECO3, ECO25, ECO50, ECO100).
  • Wide range of linear Force/Speed for each size.
  • Max nominal force up to 100 kN.
  • Max linear speed up to 78 mm/sec.
  • “T” version, featuring Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking).
  • “S” version, featuring Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency).
  • Powered by AC/3-phases/IP54 motor or DC 24/36/48 V motors.
  • Duty Cycle 25%.
  • Duty Cycle 20% for ECO25, ECO50 and ECO100.
  • Grease lubricated

Rugged industrial build provides top performances together with highest reliability, to meet the most demanding applications in harsh and severe environments.

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