Stainless steel helical gearbox FR

The FR series helical gearboxes are being developed to achieve high torque, less energy use and less surface heat. The high efficiency of the drive reduces the energy consumption. The FR series are being made with a 2 or 3 stage reduction to highest possible gear ratio in one design. The footprint and shaft diamers are similar to the commonly used EU standards in the market. The design of the gearbox is organic round. The smooth design makes the gearboxes extremely applicable in the food industry. The FR helical gear reducer offers high ratio’s ( up to 199.81:1 ) with a maximum output torque of 600 Nm.

stpPower: 0.12 – 7.5 kW

stpTorque: 600 Nm

stpRatio: 3.41:1 – 199.81:1



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