Stainless steel worm gearbox FV

The FV Series worm gear drives are standard worm gear drives. Design however is made to reach the latest standards in the food industry.

Easy Cleanability, Sustainabilty and Hygienic design have been very important during the development process. Dertec worm gear drives are being produced in electro polished Stainless steel 316. The current line starts with a centre distance of 30 mm up to 90 mm and are easy to exchange with most common aluminium wormgear drives.

Especially for wormgear drives counts that the efficiency is a result of the transmission ratio. The higher the ratio the lower the final efficiency. For this reason we like to advise you to consider also FK series Hypoid bevel gear drives offering high efficiencies of around 92% at ratio’s upto 300:1.


stpPower: 0.06 – 4.0 kW

stpTorque: 350 Nm

stpRatio: 7.5:1 – 100:1


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