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A complete range of solutions and servo drives, compact and flexible, designed for the most demanding industrial automatic systems, but also for motion control architectures, in line with Bonfiglioli servomotors.

Power Range (ACU401)
0.25 – 132 kW / three-phase 360 ​​V – 480 V / 50 Hz – 60 Hz (± 10%)

Power range (ACU201)
0.25 – 9.2 kW / single or three-phase 200 V – 240 V / 50 Hz – 60 Hz (± 10%)

Type of control
Selection of vector control functions: sensorless control, sensorless oriented field control, oriented field control with speed sensor, field oriented control of synchronous servomotors with speed/position sensor.

200% in 1 min (type 01 and 03) / 150% in 1 min (other types),
short overload: 200% for 1sec for all types

Switching frequency
2, 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz

IP20 (EN 60529)

EMC Filter
Integrated up to 9.2 kW (EN 61800-3)

Standard hardware characteristics
Integrated safe torque off function, External 24Vdc power supply for control boards and electronics, Integrated dynamic braking module, DC line connecting standard encoder interface, Resolver module for obtaining feedback from Bonfiglioli servo motors, Motor temperature monitoring, Connection socket (up to 3kW). Retractable and programmable control terminals 6 digital inputs, 1 multi-function input, 1 digital output, 1 multi-function output, 1 relay output (changeover contact)

Additional expansion modules
Option to add analog, digital inputs and outputs, additional encoder or resolver input, repeatable frequency output, System bus

Optional communication modules
RS232, RS485, Modbus, Profibus-DP, CANopen

Additional keyboard
Detachable keyboard KP500 with copying function, cabinet mounting kit

PC Software VPlus
Windows-based system with a simple interface, Control parameters setting, Monitor, Current value window, Scope function, Bonfiglioli serovomotory quick configuration window, Motion block parameter control, Teleservice.

Software Parameters
32 programmable motion blocks, 36 guidance functions according to CAN open DSP4.02, Unit converter, Jog function, Absolute and relative positioning modes, Training functions, Rotary table control, Programmable channel of reference values, Programmable Start and Stop properties, Motor potentiometer, Programmable S curve, 4 data settings, Auto start and command, Auto reset after error notification, Auto start after power failure, PI controller, Programmable logic and timing functions, Smooth torque when changing speed, Master / Slave function with electronic transmission, Index and control stability, Intelligent current limiter, Power failure regulation, Comprehensive equipment monitoring and protection, High-speed control, Function for elevators, crane and winding applications, functions for controlling 3 different brakes. Features of advanced applications: extended brake release control, spindle control up to 1000Hz,



Type Power kW
ACU201-01 0.25
ACU201-03 0.37
ACU201-05 0.55
ACU201-07 0.75
ACU201-09 1.10
ACU201-11 1.50
ACU201-13 2.20
ACU201-15 3.00
ACU201-18 4.00
ACU201-19 5.50
ACU201-21 7.50
ACU201-22 9.20
ACU401-01 0.25
ACU401-03 0.37
ACU401-05 0.55
ACU401-07 0.75
ACU401-09 1.10
ACU401-11 1.50
ACU401-12 1.85
ACU401-13 2.20
ACU401-15 3.00
ACU401-18 4.00
ACU401-19 5.50
ACU401-21 7.50
ACU401-22 9.20
ACU401-23 11.00
ACU401-25 15.00
ACU401-27 18.50
ACU401-29 22.00
ACU401-31 30.00
ACU401-33 37.00
ACU401-35 45.00
ACU401-37 55.00
ACU401-39 65.00
ACU401-43 75.00
ACU401-45 90.00
ACU401-47 110.00
ACU401-49 132.00

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