Series RAN

RAN series gearboxes are designed to suit the purpose of transmitting right angle rotation. Easy to install and almost maintenance-free, RAN gearboxes offer multiple shaft arrangements and a choice of several precise gear ratios in addition to 1:1, which are useful when designing a synchronized drive system. Also available in a screw jack version.


3 Nm … 3,000 Nm


Power (1 = 1400 min-1)

0.15 kW … 91 kW



1.0 … 7.4


Output configuration

output shaft


Arrangement of shafts

One-sided or double-sided shaft

(L or T)


Input configurations

VF and W: IEC-standard motor flange

VF and W: input shaft

W: compact unit with motor (integrated motor)


Usable AC motors

VF and W: IEC-standard motors and brake motors – BE series

W: compact M series engines

Single-turn and Double-turn engines



DC and AC voltage

Speed brake / Electronic stop

Control of AC / DC rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (accessories)


Engine accessories

Thermistors and Thermostatic sensors

External cooling (ventilation unit)

Line Driver and Push-Pull incremental encoder

Type Torque
RAN 1 1 350
RAN 2 3 000
RAN 2R 3 000
RAN 8 3
RAN 15 8
RAN 18 15
RAN 20 28
RAN 24 80
RAN 25 39
RAN 28 150
RAN 38 300
RAN 48 600

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