Variator gearboxes SERIES V

The V Series features an all-new speed setting mechanism that optimizes operation, extends the life of major parts, and allows the variator to run cooler and smoother than ever before. It is also available with an additional reduction stage and can be combined with most Bonfiglioli gearboxes.

Max. – Min. Speed ​​settings
5.2 times
∞ Reduction through different units

Power for input speed (n1= 1400 min-1)
0.18 kW … 9.2 kW

Additional reduction stage
iN = 2.5 … 6.3

Output configuration
Foot and flange design
Series in metric or inch version of full output shaft
Adapter for IEC and compact with spur and worm gearboxes

Speed ​​setting
Manually using the wheel
Remotely controlled using a servo mechanism
Quick Calibration Kit  c/w Display as optional

Input configuration
IEC and NEMA motor adapters
Full input shaft

Connection to AC electric motors
IEC- standardized motors and motors with brake – BN series


Type Torque
V 0,25 4
V 0,5 8
V 1 16
V 2 35
V 3 56
V 5,5 72
V 10 144





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