Series TQW

The TQW series is part of the BlueRoll product platform for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). It is designed to withstand high loads and mount directly on the chassis in limited installation spaces. The TQW series is efficient and durable. A solid wheel is available for all three sizes. In addition, you can choose the best configuration for your AGV and AMR from the range of BlueRoll platforms: Basic, Advanced or Compact.


060, 070, 090
160, 200, 250 mm

Torque range

30, 65, 155 Nm

Gear ratios

2 stages: 9 … 100

Maximum radial force

2300 … 5200 N

Degree of protection


Input speed

up to 6000 rpm

Torsional clearance

Less than 10 arcmin

Torsional stiffness

6, 23, 50 Nm/arcmin


standard/ suitable for the food industry


Flange, wheel


With motor adapter; without motor adapter

Basic features TQW series
High load capacity
Compact design
Simple assembly
Equipped with a wheel
“life lubricated” – lubricated for the entire lifetime of the gearbox
High energy efficiency

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