Series BMS

Using an integrated solution instead of a traditional gearbox/motor solution, the series offers a revolutionary space-saving design, a wider range of options and higher performance thanks to the synergies between permanent magnets, synchronous motors and the precision technologies of special planetary gears.
Thanks to the highly reliable tested characteristics, the customer has the flexibility to choose three types of performance with excellent variants of low speed, medium speed and high speed combinations. All these variants have been designed to optimize the required performance with the advantages of the highest compactness, the highest torque / input speed and the optimization of the drive size.
These outstanding advantages are achieved by using 5 sizes of gearboxes and 14 motors in combination with 3 types of winding machines. Perfection and reliability enable the continuous safe operation of your application.

Main options
Additional flywheel (optional)
0.5 … 70 (Kgm2 x 10-4)

• Resolver 2-pole resolver 8kHz & 10 kHz
• EnDat single-turn and multi-turn optical encoder
• Hiperface optical encoder with single-turn and multi-turn
• Hiperface single-turn and multi-turn capacitive encoder

Temperature sensor
KTY 84-130

Torque range
45 … 1200 Nm

Degree of protection


Brake options
Holding brake (optional)
24 Vdc

the so-called “life lubricated” means without the need for lubrication, self-lubricated
Optional – use of lubricant in the food environment

Continuous duty
Cyclic operation

14 motors with 3 types of yarn winding machines
3000 rpm; 4500; 6000 rpm
065A; 065B; 082B; 082C; 102A; 102B; 102C; 118A; 118B; 118c; 145b; 145C; 170B; 170C

Sizes BMS 060; 070; 090; 130; 160
Power supply 230 … 400 Vac
Output speed 50 … 1,500 rpm
Installation length 157 .. 486 mm

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