Electric fan cooled electrospindles

The electric fan cooled electrospindles have been designed to develop high speeds and powers with limited overall dimensions.
The standard models operate between 6000 rpm and 24000 rpm. Power goes from 0.22 to 7.0 kW (view power vs speed table). These features make them ideal for use on
machines for machining wood, aluminum alloys and plastics.

The electric fan cooled electrospindles are used mainly on CNC routers machines where there is the need to limit the operating noise of the spindle or to extend down the speed range. Because of their structural features, the electrospindles can withstand radial or axial or mixed loads. Specifically, the electric fan cooled electrospindles are different from the regular electrospindles with ER clamp for the presence of an electric fan, placed on the back of the casing of the electrospindle, which replaces the normal fan moved by the shaft. The need to resort to this type of ventilation occurs essentially in two cases:

  • when it is necessary to minimize the noise at high rotationalspeeds
  • when it is necessary that the flow of cooling air is high enough even at low speeds, in order to avoid overheating. The electric fans are supplied with a voltage of 24 V DC.

The electric fan cooled electrospindles are protected against the ingress of contaminants such as dry sawdust, aluminum shavings, chips PVC. If the treatment generates ultra-fine (epoxy, carbon and the like) are present or where liquid lubricants in the form of jets and sprays, it is strictly necessary to use pneumatically sealed electrospindles.

The electrospindles conform to the EMC EEC 89/336 directive, and to the EEC 89/392 machines directive. Moreover, the electrospindle cannot be put into service before the machine into which it is incorporated is declared to be in line with the second mentioned directive.


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