Pneumatically sealed electrospindles

The pneumatically sealed electrospindles have been designed to develop high speeds and powers with limited overall dimensions. The standard models operate between 1400 and 24000 rpm. The powers go from 0.22 to 5.6 kW. Because of their structural features, the electrospindles can withstand radial or axial or mixed loads. The pneumatically sealed electrospindles are highly protected from all external inclusions, both of liquids which fine particles (IP 64). The pressurization takes place through the injection of compressed air, which protruding from the cavities in correspondence of the front or/and back cover, prevents the entry of any impurity from the outside. These characteristics make them ideal
for use on machines for the processing of aluminum with liquid coolants, composite materials, glass and marble.
In case the coolant liquid is water, you can require the shaft made by stainless steel.

The electrospindles conform to the EMC EEC 89/336 directive, and to the EEC 89/392 machines directive.
Moreover, the electrospindle cannot be put into service before the machine into which it is incorporated is declared to be in line with the second mentioned directive.


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