Series F

There is no simpler and easier installation of the gearbox than the push-in method of attachment. The advantage of the F series is its light weight, reliability and versatile use in many applications.

Gearbox torques
140 Nm… 14,000 Nm

Power for input speed (n1= 1400 min-1)
0.17 kW … 125 kW

6.4 … 2099

Output configuration
Hollow shaft with keyway – two hole sizes for one size according to specification
SD download disk
Output shaft as another gearbox accessory

Input configurations
IEC- standardized motor flanges
Full input shaft

Connection to AC electric motors
Integrated motor and brake motors for the gearbox – M series
IIEC- standardized motors and motors with brake – BN series
one or two speed motors

Main parameters for brakes
DC or AC voltage
Fast brake engages/releases with electronic control AC/DC current rectifier type SB, NBR, SBR (option)

Additional engine modifications
Thermistors, thermostats, sensors, voltage change, external cooling, integrated frequency converter or Push-Pull incremental sensor


Type Torque
F 10 140
F 20 250
F 25 400
F 31 600
F 41 1 100
F 51 1 800
F 60 2 900
F 70 5 000
F 80 8 000
F 90 14 000

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