MAV 6901

The MAV 6901 clamping sleeve provides a tight connection with zero backlash between the shaft and hubs such as gears, pulleys, levers, rotors and others.

Specification Clamping sleeve MAV 6901


  • transmissible torque from 290 to 15.520 Nm
  • self-centering, self-locking
  • single taper design
  • fitting length larger than MAV 1062
  • lubrication: food grade oil FDA approved class H-1
  • tolerances: shaft h8; hub bore H8
  • shaft and hub bore surface finish 0.8 ≤ Ra ≤ 3.2 μm


  • slotted inner ring with integrated push-off tapped holes
  • slotted outer ring
  • set of socket head cap screws, grade A4-80




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